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At Carolina Village Community Care, we believe that everyone deserves high quality care delivered with compassion and professionalism.

At our core, we're committed to offering specialized in-home care supporting women who are navigating life's various stages.

From the delicate postpartum period to post-operative recovery and everyday personal care, we understand the unique needs and sensitivities involved. 

Home Care Services

You Can Trust

Your journey is our priority. Let us be your village during new seasons of life transitions.


Explore our services to see how we can support you. For your convenience, all our services are available through private pay options.

Supportive postpartum care team assisting a new mother with her baby.

Postpartum Care for Mothers

Becoming a mother is a beautiful journey, but it can also be filled with challenges. We're here to be your support team during those first few critical months. From managing household chores to caring for your newborn, we've got you covered. During those nights when you need that extra bit of rest, we offer overnight care as an additional service. You're not alone; we're here to help you say goodbye to sleepless nights and embrace motherhood with confidence and love. 

Caring professional providing post-operative support to a woman at home.

Post-Operative Care for Your Healing Journey

Recovery is more than just physical; it's an emotional and spiritual journey. Whether you're recuperating from surgery or adapting to a new diagnosis, our acute in-home support is tailored specifically to help women as they manage their lives and households during recovery or treatment. We provide non-medical care coupled with emotional and spiritual support to help you heal in the comfort of your home without stress.

Joyful senior receiving compassionate in-home care from a friendly caregiver.

Aging Gracefully,

Living Fully

We believe that the golden years should be filled with joy, comfort, and dignity. Our compassionate team provides in-home companion services, sitter care, and respite assistance to ensure that aging becomes a graceful and fulfilling experience.

Empathetic caregiver offering support to a woman undergoing cancer treatment.

Cancer Companion Care

We provide specialized support for women diagnosed with cancer and help support them through the treatment journey as they face the emotional hurdles of their diagnosis. Our caregiver’s goal is to make sure that you or your loved one feels understood, cherished, and less isolated during the challenging journey. 

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Tailored Services for Needs

We go beyond the standard care services to offer you a truly personalized experience.


Each journey with us starts with an in-home consultation, where we design a customized care plan tailored to your unique needs.

How it works


Your Initial Conversation

We'll begin with a friendly phone consultation where we'll talk about your specific needs and explore the different options available to you.


Secure Your Support Window

Once you feel comfortable, you can secure a 30- to 90-day window of dedicated support by submitting a deposit.


Next, we'll schedule an in-home consultation with our compassionate Registered Nurse supervisor.


Meet Your Care Team

Finally, we'll introduce you to your amazing team of caregivers virtually. We'll discuss all the scheduling details to ensure that everything seamlessly fits into your daily routine.

Personalized Care Planning

Join the Carolina Village Community

Our team of committed and knowledgeable caregivers is committed to prioritizing the health and well-being of women who are aging, women who have recently given birth, and women who are navigating an illness or health concern. 


We understand the unique challenges that exist when a family member becomes a caregiver for their loved one, so we offer affordable, high-quality in-home care to help alleviate the stress and enable family members to simply be present for their loved ones.

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